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If you are currently trying to logon using your 10-digit FEMA SID# STOP read below.

  • New students - go to the logon page and click the "Need to Register?" link below the logon box.
  • Returning students - use the system generated User ID provided when you registered.
  • Forget your User ID, click the "Forgot User ID" link under the logon box.

We have created a downloadable Trouble Shooting Guide to help you identify and resolve some basic problems you may be experiencing with your computer. We are happy to say Java is no longer needed to access courses on our site!

However, if you still find you need our assistance, you MUST contact us via email (NO TELEPHONE CONTACT) at:

Our staff will be available Monday to Friday (on normal business days) from 8am to 5pm EST to respond to email inquiries. Feel free to submit issues after hours and staff will respond to you as soon as possible.

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